Step 1: Get Your Documents in Order

Ensure that all your documents are in order and that you meet the requirements mentioned below.

Step 2: Intake

It is mandatory to have an intake interview first. During this interview, we will check if you meet the requirements mentioned below. Feel free to schedule an appointment for the intake via whatsapp.

Step 3: Make a Reservation

You can make a reservation for a room via whatsapp. We offer flexible rental options, whether you need a room for a single day or for up to six months. Rent occasionally or for a longer term.

Step 4: Check-In At Our Office

During check-in, you pay for the room (cash or card), receive the key to your room, and can start working. During your work, you are the only one who decides whom to let in, which services to provide, and what price to charge.


The minimum age to rent a room is 21 years.

You need to have a valid ID card from a country within the European Union. You must always carry your ID card with you. If you are from outside the European Union, you need to have a valid work permit or residency status.

You must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce ('KVK'). You need to bring proof of registration to the intake interview. You can make an appointment for registration in the commercial register through the KVK website. If you need assistance, you can contact the ACS (Amsterdam Centre for Sexworkers).

You must have health insurance. You can show this through your policy, a (digital) card, or a bank statement. If you have only recently arrived in the Netherlands and do not yet have Dutch health insurance, that is not a problem.

About the Intake

It is mandatory to have an intake interview with us before you can rent a room. This interview lasts approximately 1 hour. During this interview, we aim to determine if sex work is a voluntary choice for you and if you are sufficiently self-reliant to perform the work. This interview delves deeply into your personal situation. We repeat this interview every 6 months to assess any changes in your situation.