FAQ for Sexworkers

100%. You rent a room from us and pay the rent in advance, that's all. Everything you earn in your room is entirely yours.

You set your own prices. It is common for sex workers to have a specific price for each service, combined with a maximum number of minutes.

You have complete control over which clients you accept and which you refuse. It is common for sex workers to turn away quite a few people. Sometimes it's due to a disagreement over the price or services to be provided, but often it is simply because the sex worker has a bad feeling about someone.

It's perfectly okay not to do everything with your clients. You have full control over which services you offer and which you do not. It is common for sex workers to have their own preferences and boundaries regarding the services they provide. For example, many sex workers do not kiss clients or engage in certain positions.

A day shift (10:00 - 19:00) costs €110 and a night shift (19:30 - 05:30) costs €220. These prices include 21% VAT. Because you are self-employed, you can reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities, and the remaining amount is deductible. This means that a room for a day shift costs you approximately €40 - €50 net, and for a night shift, it costs around €80 - €90 net.

The working hours are as follows:

  • Day Shift: Check-in after 10:00 AM, check-out before 7:00 PM
  • Night Shift: Check-in after 7:30 PM, check-out before 5:30 AM

It works just like a hotel: you book a room and decide when to arrive and when to leave, as long as you arrive after the earliest check-in time and leave before the latest check-out time.

You can rent a room for a maximum of 11 consecutive hours.

Yes. You do not need to have previous experience in sex work to rent a room. However, we recommend contacting the Amsterdam Center for Sexworkers (ACS) to ensure you are well-prepared to get started.

No. Anyone can rent a room regardless of gender. Women, men, transgender individuals, non-binary individuals: everyone is welcome.

No. Fortunately, we have a city council that supports sex work. There are plans to move a small portion of the windows to an Erotic Center on the outskirts of the city, but this is still very uncertain. If it goes ahead, it won't be until after 2035.

With our rooms, you get unlimited clean bedding and towels, paper, soap, and cleaning supplies. You also receive a cup of coffee or tea, and all rooms are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. If it's cold, we provide extra heaters.

Window sex work is considered one of the safest forms of sex work. There are panic buttons, and our staff is always nearby to assist if you feel unsafe. The police are also always in the vicinity. Additionally, you can observe potential clients through the window and have a conversation with them before accepting them. This allows you to assess whether you feel safe with the client and whether the client might be under the influence.

You can check the live availability of rooms for daytime and nighttime on our website. If you want to reserve a room, simply send us a WhatsApp message.

Sex work is a legal profession in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, there is a special police team dedicated to protecting sex workers. They regularly visit the sex workers who work in the Red Light District. Our experience with them is positive: they are non-judgmental and pro-sex worker. If you feel unsafe, you can always call them without fear. In addition to the police, the municipality also regularly visits sex workers with specialized officials. They are also non-judgmental, and our experience with them is positive. Additionally, there is the Amsterdam Center for Sexworkers (ACS) which helps sex workers with social, societal, and medical support, including free STD testing. We recommend all sex workers to be in contact with the ACS. In our experience, you can really trust them.

FAQ for Visitors

Yes, in the Netherlands it is completely legal to do sex work. Visiting a sex worker is also legal. It is considered a legitimate profession, and sex workers are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and pay taxes.

No, that is not possible. We rent workspaces to sex workers. If you want to use the services of a sex worker who rents from us, you can approach the sex worker through the window.

Yes. It's very simple:

  1. Walk along the windows.
  2. If you see a sex worker you are interested in, approach the window.
  3. Have a brief conversation with the sex worker about the services you are interested in, and you will quickly find out if they offer them and, if so, at what price.
  4. If both you and the sex worker agree on the price, the service to be provided, and the payment method (cash or card), the sex worker will invite you to come inside the room.
  5. Before the service begins, payment is required, which is normal.
  6. Enjoy the service.
  7. Leave with a big smile!

Note: The sex worker is the only one who determines whether you will be let in and whether the service will be provided. If the sex worker does not invite you in, accept it; there are plenty of other good sex workers nearby!

The sex workers who rent a workspace (window) from us are independent entrepreneurs. They determine which services they offer and at what price. Do you want to know how much it costs? Feel free to walk up to the window and ask; this is completely normal.

You can pay in cash with all sex workers. A reasonable number also accept payment cards. You can ask at the window if they accept cards and which ones. The reason a significant number do not yet have a card machine is that many financial service providers who do business in or with the United States exclude the sex work industry as clients. Occasionally, a payment service provider accepts sex workers, but this can be inconsistent for months.

It is always a combination. A service is provided for a pre-agreed duration.

No, absolutely not. The sex worker always determines the boundaries and which services are provided. Even if you have paid, you must treat the sex worker with respect and adhere to the pre-agreed boundaries and services. The sex worker always has the right to terminate the service if the boundaries are crossed.

Note: If you force yourself over her boundaries, it is a criminal offense. The police are often very quick to respond and take such behavior very seriously. Legally, this is quickly classified as attempted rape, which carries a prison sentence of up to 8 years.

It is unlikely that this will happen. However, if it does, you can ask the sex worker if you can purchase more time. If you do not wish to do this, or the sex worker does not want to, then it is over. It is an obligation of effort, not an obligation of result.

Yes, you certainly can. Visiting a sex worker is a very safe and relaxed way to have a threesome with your partner, without quickly causing jealous feelings. However, not all sex workers offer this service. Feel free to ask at the window if this is possible; it is a very normal question and a common service in the red light district.

This is also a service, and as with any type of service, some sex workers offer it, while others do not. It is very normal to ask this at the window.

Yes, that is often possible, but again: some sex workers offer this service, others do not. Feel free to ask at the window.

Yes, that is often possible, but again: some sex workers offer this service, others do not. Feel free to ask at the window.

Some sex workers offer this! You can simply ask at the window.

Yes. Sex workers always work safely and place a high value on their hygiene and health.

Sometimes the workspace is in a different location within the same building as the window. In that case, you enter through the window and walk with the sex worker through the interior to the workspace. Every sex worker has their own private workspace.

The most common light in the red light district is red. Sometimes a sex worker uses a different light. Because our workspaces are equipped with modern LED lighting, they can choose any color of the rainbow. Sometimes they choose another color, like pink, simply because they like it. Almost all sex workers also use blacklight/UV light because their clothing looks better under it. Additionally, some sex workers consciously use blue light. This is often to indicate that they are transgender sex workers. You should not confuse this blue light with blacklight/UV light, which has a light blue glow.

No, unfortunately not. We receive this request regularly, but we never comply. The privacy of the sex worker is our top priority. We also do not ask the sex worker if they are okay with it, simply because we would otherwise spend hours each week dealing with such requests. The only thing you can do is ask for contact details at the end of the service or come back to the window at another time. But be aware that sex workers often do not want to exchange contact details.

Fortunately, this rarely happens. If it does occur, it is a business dispute between you and the sex worker and therefore a civil matter. It is not useful to involve the police, as they can only act in criminal cases and it often takes a lot of time.

As the landlord, we also cannot intervene because we are not legally a party to the transaction between the customer and the sex worker.

However, we do want to be informed in case of major dissatisfaction. We have a strong interest in ensuring that our tenants conduct their business properly. While we cannot offer refunds, if a pattern of complaints develops with a particular sex worker, we will take appropriate action, such as terminating their lease.

Sex workers earn good money, and this makes them a vulnerable group for those who want to take advantage of and exploit them. We have an effective system in place to prevent people who are being exploited from renting a room with us. Our approach is considered highly effective by specialists, and we are convinced that we are successful in keeping exploitation at bay and that the sex workers who rent from us do so out of economic voluntary choice. We are committed to providing a safe and respectful working environment and work closely with the authorities to prevent exploitation. If you suspect exploitation, please contact the police and/or us immediately.